About the Center
The current proposed project aims to further enhance the synergism among these scientists in strengthening the “Advanced Plant Biotechnology Center” formed in the previous project for the establishment of the new “Advanced Plant and Food Crop Biotechnology Center” to continually promote advanced biotechnology research for economically important ornamental and food crops with the expectation in achieving international leadership in these fields.
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Six Objectives: Talent Education, Academic Research, International Linkage, Industry-University Cooperation, Social Contributions and Environmental Contributions.
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Plan I: Advanced orchid research – led by National Endowed Chair Professor Chang-Hsien Yang

Plan II:Intelligent sustainable food crop biotechnology – led by Gow-Chin Yen 

Plan III: Precision functional food technology – led by Academician Tuan-Hua David Ho and Wilhelm Gruissem

Plan IIII:Plant health technology– led by Academician Shyi-Dong Yeh
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What's New


Research team in National Chung Hsing University won the National Innovation Award by the rapid test of orchid virus and the intelligent detect system.

ORSV、CymMV、CaCV、PhCSV(BarMV) are 4 kinds of orchid viruses and have seriously influences in the orc

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“Don’t frustrate talents by red tape.”, Yu-Shan Scholar Dr. Wilhelm Gruissem

Dr. Wilhelm Gruissem is Professor for Plant Biotechnology at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institut

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Exhibition of Achievements of Higher Education SPROUT Project demonstrated diverse feature.

The exhibition of Achievements of Higher Education SPROUT Project was exposing during 2022/10/25 to

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